Holiday Media Campaign to Highlight Mental and Social Wellness Benefits of Recreational Fishing

Holiday Media Campaign to Highlight Mental and Social Wellness Benefits of Recreational Fishing

The Get Folks Fishing Foundation (GFF) is launching its annual holiday media outreach campaign, featuring the Discovery Channel TV special, ‘It’s a Lunkerville Fishmas’, bringing awareness to the mental and social health benefits of recreational fishing.

With TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts becoming popular video delivery formats for social media, GFF is increasing its social media publishing during the months of November and December, with special emphasis on short content under 1 minute. The Lunkerville TV series has an extremely popular verified Facebook page, with over 1/2 million organic followers, and one of the fastest growing TikTok channels in the fishing industry, with multiple videos going viral since its recent creation. These new platforms allow businesses to create engaging short-form videos that are perfect for the busy holiday season.

“The timing is great for this campaign because the Lunkerville TikTok channel is exploding in growth, with multiple viral videos in the last month.” says Mike de Avila (Mike D), founder of GFF and Lunkerville. “We’re keyed into what our audience wants in entertainment and information, and that gives us the opportunity to present our messaging with skill and credibility.”

The half-hour TV special will premiere Saturday, December 24th at 6:30am EST on the Discovery Channel, before Major League Fishing, and also on Amazon Prime Video, World Fishing Network, Waypoint TV, MOTV and all of Lunkerville’s broadcast and streaming partners.

Please watch this important short video message from Mike D as he explains how you can get involved in this important cause: Watch 2 minute video message

The GFF Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to improve the mental health and social wellness of individuals and communities through recreational fishing outreach programs. The initiative was started in the midst of 2020’s global Covid pandemic, by Lunkerville TV series host and creator, Michael de Avila (“Mike D”), who felt an urgency to address the growing mental health crisis, knowing first-hand how fishing helped bring him calm and connectedness during a period of high stress following 9/11. The Lunkerville TV series serves the cause by spreading the word through broadcast and streaming channels, offering philanthropic marketing partners media exposure commensurate with their involvement. On the ground, the Foundation offers free tackle to schools, youth organizations, and community groups; assists adults who want to volunteer their time to teach others how to fish; and provides support for those who want to learn. For more information, please visit

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